2009 Bowman Sterling Baseball

What I pulled--
Base Refractor – Mat Gamel (56/#199)
Gold Base Refractor – Mat Gamel (#50/50)
Prospect Refractors – C.J. Lee (#76/199), Michael Cisco (#85/199)
Base Autographs – Casey McGehee, Justin Masteron
Black Base Autograph Parallel – Ryan Perry (#2/25)
Prospect Autographs – Matt Hobgood, Zack Wheeler, Bobby Borchering, Tyler Matzek, Pat Venditte, Dinesh Patel, Eric Arnett,
Dan Hudson
Prospect Autograph Exchange Card – Dayan Viciedo
Prospect Autograph Refractor – Robbie Grossman (#49/199)
Dual Autograph – Jason Knapp/Zach Collier
WBC Relics – Nick Punto gray jersey, Yu Darvish white jersey, Justin Erasmus white jersey, Kwang-Hyun Kim blue jersey
WBC Relic Refractors – Miguel Cabrera white jersey (#51/199), Yoennis Cespedes red jersey (#135/199)
WBC Relic Blue Refractor Parallel Boxtopper – Alexander Smit black jersey (#31/125)

Bowman Sterling is one of the staples of the end of the collecting year for Topps. And this year’s edition
really outdoes itself.

Starting with the gorgeous design, moving onto the loaded packs and then, finally, getting a good use from

the World Baseball Classic inventory they have, Topps has themselves a product with this year’s Bowman
Sterling that gives them a late entry for Product of the Year.

The concept, as always, is simple. Rookie cards and Prospect cards only – not a single veteran on the

base or autograph checklist. As everyone knows, this plays right into the wheelhouse of prospectors
around the country, which might make Sterling not for everyone, but for those it is targeted at, it is a
must-own. Each pack comes with two autographs (I had two packs with three, actually), plus a WBC relic
card. Each six-pack box has a dual autograph in it, as well, plus an extra WBC relic Boxtopper, just for a little extra added value.
The price tag is a little high (roughly $50 a pack), but given the number of hits in each pack, it is worth it.

As for the checklist and cards themselves, it is the usual young player product that Topps knocks out of the park every year.
Tons of high end prospects, loads of refractors and colored parallels, a gorgeous design, blah blah blah. These are the things
collectors have come to expect from Bowman Sterling year in and year out, and they are all here in spades yet again this year.

Bowman Sterling isn’t for everyone – with the exception of the WBC relics, there are no hugely established names to be found.
What you will find, though, is a ton of autographs and rookie and prospect cards that, in a few years, might explode into a
cornerstone for your collection. The price tag is certainly worth the chance at something like that........................