2008 Bowman Chrome Football

What I pulled--
Refractors – Bob Sanders, John David Booty, Jay Cutler, Jonathan Stewart, JaMarcus Russell, Sidney Rice, Laurent Robinson,
Rashard Mendenhall, Jacob Hester
Gold Rookie Parallel – Matt Forte (#251/329)
Xfractor – Terrell Owens (#131/250)
Blue Refractor – Jason Campbell (#108/150)
Rookie Autograph – Chauncey Washington

One of the beautiful things about Chrome is that it usually takes a good product and makes it better. And
that is the case with Bowman Chrome Football.

That really is the extent of Bowman Chrome, however. If you like the base set, you’ll love this one. It is a
base card product, filled with veterans and rookie cards, so it is up to the collector to decide exactly
whether this is the right product. If you love those rookie cards, of course, it is a no-brainer, since, as with
all Bowman sets, this one is loaded. There are plenty of potential big stars in this rookie crop, too, so
collectors who want to can make a run at the Refractors, Xfractors and other parallels of their favorite young

Of course, the overload of rookies may also be a failing in some eyes, since it bleeds into the autograph
checklist. For every Darren McFadden autograph, there are ones like I pulled, of a guy like Chauncey Washington who barely
sees any meaningful action. Those are the chances collectors take, of course, so there is really no room to complain about
something like that.

I guess what I’m saying is what I say about every Bowman or Bowman Chrome product. If you like rookies, go and get some. If
you don’t, you still might be very happy. Either way, this is a product worth picking up and breaking.......................