2008-09 Topps Hardwood Basketball

What I pulled--
Hardwood Parallels (#ed to 299) – Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, Russell Westbrook, Stephen
Jackson, Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers
Maple Parallels (#ed to 175) – Jason Thompson, Luol Deng, Courtney Lee, Paul Pierce
Mahogany Parallels (#ed to 75) – Chris Bosh, Rudy Fernandez, Gilbert Arenas

Hardwood Relic – Deron Williams navy blue (#122/175)
Maple Relic – Tim Duncan silver (#34/75)
Hardwood Autograph – Courtney Lee (#54/69)

Great. It is another run of the mill Topps basketball set.

My feelings here are the same as they were with Topps Treasury. The pack makeup is standard – a

couple base cards, a rookie card, a parallel. There are two relics and one autograph per box, which is
pretty basic these days, too. The base cards are a stark white, while the parallels are different shades and
types of wood (get it?).

I’m keeping this review very short, because I’ve written it before. Hardwood is nothing special. There are

some great hits to be had out there. The rest is nothing you haven’t seen before…….