2007 Topps Allen & Ginter

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Basic minis - 13, including Ryan Braun
Allen & Ginter back - J.D. Drew, Charlie Manuel, Aramis Ramirez, Johan Santana, Willy Taveras
Black Border - Austin Kearns, Hideki Matsui
No Number back - Jason Varitek
Flags - Ecuador, Mexico
Roman Emperors - Claudius
N43 World’s Champions - Ryan Zimmerman
Dick Perez sketches - 21 different
A-Rod Road to 500 - 251

Relics - Sammy Sosa bat, Barry Zito white pants
Rip Card - Josh Hamilton (#4/90)
Rip Card mini - Magglio Ordonez (card #384)

I am taking a different approach with this review. One look at what I pulled might explain why.

Topps Allen & Ginter was widely acclaimed in 2006 as the Product of the Year by the baseball card community, and rightfully
so. When
I opened a box a year ago, I was floored by the quality and attention to detail. 2007 brings more of the same, plus a
couple of neat twists.

All the basics have remained the same. Stunning base cards in the style of the original Allen & Ginter cards of the 1800s. One
mini card per pack and one Dick Perez sketch per pack are again included, with the exception being the sketch cards that are
replaced by the hits in the box. There are usually two hits per box, mostly in the form of relics, with some awesome autographs
thrown in, not to mention the Rip Cards (more on that to come). The checklist is mainly baseball, with many pop culture
subjects and star athletes from other sports added, just like the original set.

The tweaks this year come in the form of more subjects for the minis. Aside from the regular cards are minis of flags from
around the world, which fall two per back, plus rare Roman Emperor minis and very rare snake minis. These chase cards will
make for some very cool looking sets when completed, and are a welcome (and beautiful diversion) from the regular minis.
The regulars also have some variations, with black border and no-number back variations, as well.

In all the many different sets that can be built out of Allen & Ginter will make any set-builder jump for joy. In addition, pulling
many of these cards in one box adds a neat twist to the breaking experience, and makes this a contender to repeat as Product
of the Year..................


But wait, there is more. And here is where it gets fun. Remember the Rip Cards I mentioned. They fall one per case, and I was
lucky enough to get one. Inside the low-numbered card is another mini card. It might be a short-printed card that is part of the
extended mini set (which is available only in the Rip Card), it might be an original Dick Perez sketch. It might be a short-printed
red ink autograph numbered to 10. It might be a 1 of 1 wood mini card. The choice is yours whether to rip, or to keep the card
as is.

I chose to rip. Here is the way it went, step by step: