2007 Bowman Chrome

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Refractors - Mike Cameron, Jeff Kent, Derek Lowe, Jose Vidro
Prospect X-Fractor - Johnny Cueto (#88/250)
Blue Refractor - Carl Crawford (#77/150)
Orange Refractor - Ryan Zimmerman (#4/25)

Prospect Autograph:
Blue Refractor - Sergio Perez (#94/150)

It’s Chrome Time!!!

Yes, it is that time of year, where those devotees of Bowman Chrome, lovingly known as Chromies,

excitedly bust box after box of their sacred product. However, methinks the bloom may be off the rose.

It all still dates back to the rules instituted in 2006 for what constitutes a rookie card, which cut right to the

heart of the base Bowman and Bowman Chrome sets. The lifeblood of these sets has always been the
introduction of the top prospects in all of baseball. However, that list has been thinned out with the rules
and, while Bowman Chrome does contain two “prospect” cards in each pack, the big names are few and
far between.

That said, let’s move on to the set itself. As always, it is a masterpiece, taking the base Bowman set and

putting that Chrome twist on it. The technology really does bring out the best in each photo. As usual, the
Refractors and X-Fractors abound, with multiple colors and numbering. These are the chase cards, and
when a color other thank black or white appears before your eyes, it is really easy to smile.

Each box of Bowman Chrome also includes one “prospect” autograph, also with varying numbers and

colors. As with all of the “prospect” cards, these autos are hit or miss – you might get a name you’ve heard
of, you might get one of someone who may never even sniff the majors.

The bottom line with Bowman Chrome is simple. If you like prospecting, this is a great product for you. If

you are hoping to get the big pull of your favorite current day player, though, go get Triple Threads...................