2007 Bowman

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Blue Border - Michael Bertram (#32/500), Jared Burton (#35/500)
Refractor - Brennan Boesch (#344/500)
A-Rod Road to 500 - 126, 143, 149, 164

Autograph - Miguel Montero

It is Bowman time. One of the easiest products to review has hit shelves.

Are you a rookie card (call them what you want, but we all know what they are) lover? Then this is the box
for you. As always , Bowman is broken down into three categories: red bordered veterans, green bordered
prospects and blue bordered rookies (which again carry different numbering due to the MLBPA rules). This
year, for a slight change, the rookies are framed in white, as opposed to the traditional black. Each pack
contains two rookie cards and two chrome rookie cards.

There are some parallels, as always, with the majority being the basic blue framed regular cards and the
chrome refractors, although there are scarcer versions that come in smaller numbers. As usual, there are
also autographs, the majority of which are  of green-bordered prospects, although there are plenty of
rookie autographs, as well. The A-Rod Road to 500 inserts are added into the packs in a more generous
quantity than other sets, adding an interesting wrinkle to a box break that usually doesn't have much variety.

There are some collectors out there for which this is not a fun break. The bigger dollar cards have a
tendency to come from the Draft Picks and Prospects set that comes out later in the year. It can get
repetitive for some, but those who love prospecting will always enjoy breaking Bowman. And it is a great
way to learn the names of many of the games top prospects, too, although the percentage of players that
debut in this set and ultimately make the majors is not very high. Of course, with Daisuke Matsuzaka
making his first Bowman appearance, right out of the gate there is a card worth chasing.

If you enjoy Bowman, you will enjoy this. If not, given the low price point, you still might have some fun and end up with a big
ticket card in a few years.

You never know...................