2006 Topps Series 2

What I pulled--

Inserts and Parallels:
Gold Parallel (#ed to 2006) - Vinny Castilla, Ben Sheets, Andy Sisco
Mickey Mantle Home Run History - 4, 17, 41, 51, 52, 64, 68, 79, 93
U.S. Constitution - William Blount, David Brearly, Pierce Butler, Daniel Carroll, Constitution
Hit Parade - Steve Finley, Frank Thomas
Trading Places - Juan Encarnacion, Juan Pierre
Topps Stars - Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez
Opening Day - Pirates at Brewers, Cubs at Reds, Red Sox at Rangers

There isn't much I can say about Topps Series 2 that I didn't say in my review of Series 1. However,
I will say this...Any faults that were around in February are gone.

Gone are the repetitive Mickey Mantle Home Run History cards - this time around, the cards are
numbered from 2 to 101. The design might be almost the same on all of the cards, with just the
picture on the left changing, but at least it isn't the same #1 card over and over again. Topps has
even made relic parallels of these cards, which will be pulled by some very lucky buyers.

Added are come great combo cards, featuring teammates from many major league clubs. Cards
like these have been a staple of Topps sets for many years and should never go away. Another staple,
team cards, is also back for Series 2, and any long time collector will smile upon pulling one of them.

Gone are the Hobby Masters, 2K Sports All-Stars, Own The Game, Barry Bonds Home Run History and
Declaration of Independence inserts, replaced by Trading Places, Topps Stars, Hit Parade, Opening
Day and United States Constitution (although I've had enough of the U.S. history cards).

As is always the case with Topps' base set, relic and autograph cards exist, but are not easy to pull. But
we all know this set isn't being bought for those and pulling either is just a nice big bonus.

Go buy Topps Series 2. Any self-respecting baseball card collector should purchase this product. It is
that simple.......................