2006 Co-Signers

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Bronze - Carl Crawford/Scott Kazmir (#14/150)
Red - Brian Roberts/Melvin Mora (53/150), David Ortiz/Curt Schilling (#27/150)
Blue - B.J. Ryan/A.J. Burnett (#32/125)
Gold - Roy Oswalt/Morgan Ensberg (#24/115)
Silver/Bronze - Jimmy Rollins/Bobby Abreu (#15/125)
Silver/Red - Miguel Cabrera/Jeremy Hermida (#9/100)
Silver/Blue - Mark Prior/Greg Maddux (#26/75)
HyperSilver/Gold - Chipper Jones/Jeff Francoeur (#3/5)

Base Autograph - Hong-Chih Kuo
Solo Sigs - Scott Olsen
Co-Signers - Francisco Liriano/Ervin Santana

Topps has always done a great job with products that are a little more expensive than the norm.
They have done it again with Co-Signers.

Breaking off a subset from the past into a brand of its own, Topps Co-Signers is a thrill to open.
Every pack in the box of twelve has something in it, either a numbered dual-player insert, an
autograph, a dual autograph or, if you are really lucky, a dual cut-autograph featuring legends of
the past. Every box is guaranteed a dual, so even if you buy a pack or two, the odds are good you'll
get one.

The base cards themselves are striking, featuring gold foil, a large headshot of the player and an equally
large action shot of the player. The checklist features all of today's big stars, along with some great names
from the past, including Mickey Mantle and Josh Gibson. All of the cards feature the players' signature in
foil at the top...excpet Barry Bonds, which carries no signature for some reason. The base cards are
visually striking, although with all the foil, it may be tough to look at them for an extended period of time -
those photos make it worthwhile, though.

The insert cards come in varying colors and numbering and come one per pack. The cards feature
teammates paired together, one headshot and one action shot. The variations are numerous and will
keep individual player collectors very busy trying to get one of everything...and no, the Chipper Jones/Jeff
Francoeur #ed to 5 that I pulled is not available for trade.

The bread and butter of this set, of course, is the autographs. Unfortunately, it is also the area that will draw the most criticism,
since this product seems to skew heavily towards young players and prospects, with many of the veterans and better pairings
short-printed. I'm probably one of the luckier ones, considering the level of youngsters I pulled (a dual stud pairing of Ervin
Santana and Francisco Liriano being an obvious highlight), but if you pull three low level prospects, which I have seen on
many message boards, this break is going to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.

I really like this product. I'm not skewed either way by my autographs, so I can look at it objectively. The cards are very attractive,
the numbered cards plentiful and there are autographs galore (yes, there are some major stars on the list, you just need to be
lucky enough to get one). To me, that is a good product and one that, even at around $10-12 a pack, is a recommended