2006-07 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball

What I pulled--

Refractor - Tracy McGrady (#109/249)
Gold Refractor - Drew Gooden (#32/50

Relics and Autographs:
Bowman Relics - Bobby Jones black jersey
McDonald's All-American - J.J. Redick blue jersey
Autograph - Adam Morrison

Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Basketball is a very simple product to review. Basically, it is a
scaled down version of Topps' base set, but with a little more attention paid to parallels, with
some Chrome thrown in for good measure.

The concept, as is always the case with Bowman base sets, is simple...higlight the league's
rookies. The veterans are plentiful, but we all know what to expect here. Bowman doesn't get
touted as "Home of the Rookie Card" for nothing. And this set does not disappoint.

Each pack contains four cards - four regular, two Chrome. The standard Refractors are here, as well, from
base to Xfractor to gold. Each 18-pack box contains one autograph and two relics, and the player list for
both for the relics is loaded with stars and big-time rookies, while the biggest newcomer names dot the
Chrome autograph list (I certainly can't complain about the one I pulled!!!).

This year's design is simple and, to be honest, a little routine, but keeps in line with the Bowman tradition
of black borders and color coding (red for vets, blue for rookies). I'm not a big fan of the font used for the
names, but that is, as always, nitpicking.

I find it very difficult to ever give a set like this a low, or even average grade. You know what you are getting
when you buy it and, of course, no one comes close to touching Topps when it comes to rookie card