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2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

What I pulled--

Parallels and Inserts:
Chrome Refractors - Stan Musial (#224/299), Monte Irvin Red Back (#190/299)
Autographs - Sid Fernandez, Mitch Williams
Best Seat in the House Box Topper Relic - Dave Johnson/Rick Dempsey Memorial Stadium seat (#24/125)

I love this set.

There. I said it. When I first got back into collecting a few years ago, Topps Archives jumped out at me as an awesome idea for a set
and now, All-Time Fan Favorites has become one of the sets I can't wait for every year.

With the extensive history of designs and photos in Topps' vast vaults, this product is a no-brainer. Reproducing the designs of the
past with new pictures is an ingenious idea and can't help but appeal to all collectors. And every year, Topps goes the extra yard
with the selection of cards. Not just with the stars, but with lesser players, like Anthony Young, Daryl Boston and Glenn Hubbard.
And the addition of non-players, such as Theo Epstein, Michael Kay and the legendary Marvin Miller, really nudges this set from
extraordinary to out of this world. The coup de grace, of course, is the addition of a John Elway card from his days as a Yankee

I haven't even gotten to the autographs, which are a staple of this product. Every box has two, with a wide range of subjects. The two
I pulled are both real nice additions to any collection - they aren't stars, but both Sid Fernandez and Mitch Williams were both well
known in their playing days and had a nice amount of success as players. The autograph chase really makes opening a box of this
product even more fun.

I only have one complaint about this box, but it is so minor, it in no way affect the grade. It seems there is a heavy focus on Mets
players. I pulled a total of twenty different players on Met cards - not just the expected ones like Tom Seaver, Gary Carter and Keith
Hernandez, but also guys like Barry Lyons and the aforementioned Anthony Young. To me, it seems odd that there are that many
players from one team (the set is only 150 cards, so we are talking over 10% of the set is Mets). Now, as a Met fan, I really don't have
much of an issue with this. But it does seem a bit strange.

I'll say it again. I love this set. I could sit and open these packs for days and just think back to opening the original cards from my
childhood. Keep it coming, Topps. Don't ever stop making this set. I can't give it anything less than my highest grade......................

A+ presents