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2004 Bowman Heritage

What I pulled--

Box 1--
Relic Cards and Autographs:
Threads of Greatness - Mark Mulder uniform, Gary Sheffield bat
Signs of Authority - Charlie Reliford

Box 2--
Parallels, Relic Cards and Autographs:
Mahogany Parallel - Ricardo Rodriguez (#16/25)
Threads of Greatness - Armando Benitez black jersey, Sammy Sosa blue jersey
Signs of Authority - Drew Scott

I love the Heritage sets. I really do. The classic 1955 design is awesome. The seeding reminds me of my childhood, when
collecting was about building sets, not inserts and chase cards. Yes, there are two relics and an auto in each box (and maybe a
parallel #ed to 25). Yes, there are tons of rookie cards. But that isn't what these sets are about. They are about the fun of collecting
cards. There are some SPs to make building the set a bit of a challenge. And for a real challenge, you can try to build the Black and
White set.

Overall, there is nothing to complain about. How can you complain about a classic?

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